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This event was conducted at Petsitters, Hinjewadi Pune, twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, throughout the summer.Our team of volunteers knows the importance of sharing the joy and companionship of their pets with those in need. They visit various institutes and settings with our Therapy Dogs with the purpose of spreading joy and bringing about smiles on people’s faces. These visits come under the category of Animal Assisted Activity, which are not goal oriented or documented. We visit places like orphanages, old age homes, pediatric Cancer Centers, nursery schools, libraries etc. The children with special needs at the Vasant Vihar Special School in Thane had Therapy dogs Goldie and Therapy dog Sunshine, visit them every week to provide them Animal Assisted Therapy.


“Tails of Joy” is our Animal Assisted Reading program to enhance literacy skills and to encourage the joys of reading through interaction with trained animals. This program intends to enrich the literacy skills of children in an effective and interesting manner. Animals are ideal reading companions because unlike peers, animals are attentive listeners; they don’t judge or criticize, so children are more comfortable and inclined to forget about their own fears. Children with low self esteem are often more willing to interact with an animal than other people.

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Innovative ways of learning with pets were discovered at the Academy of Learning and Development when they had a unique therapist visit the children every week. Therapy dog Pepe, one of our senior therapy dog along with our team of therapists visited the children every week to provide them Animal Assisted Therapy. Her job at the center was to work with the children with various disabilities like CP, Autism, mental retardation and provide them sensory and mental stimulation.

With such enthusiasm and motivation provided by Therapy Dog Pepe, the children who were hyperactive learned to calm down, the ones who had difficulty in walking too their first steps, the once who had flat affect actually smiled! The presence of Therapy dog Pepe had truly transformed their lives. They attempt to address the root cause of a disability (i.e. the brain injury) rather than the symptoms.Animal Assisted Therapy fit in perfectly with this principle. With the therapy dog Pepe being a package providing sensory and metal stimulation, the child gets to experience various sensations and also an opportunity to exercise his abilities. Green Chimney, a residential center for children with emotional instability, set up on a farm housing various farm animals.

Minal received the training and certification as an International Evaluator at Davis, California, at the IAHAIO – ISAZ conference, held in June 2017. Minal, along with 4 other IAHAIO members, from Switzerland, Hong Kong, Romania and Colombia, were trained as International Evaluators. Our founder, Mrs. Minal Kavishwar, was presented with the ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence’ award, at the Women’s Economic Forum held at Vivanta, Dwarka, Delhi, by the All Ladies League.

She was also the keynote speaker for the forum and adis accrued investment income a current assetessed the group on ‘Disruptive Innovations in Health and Wellness’. Animal Assisted Counseling – Counseling sessions with therapy cat or therapy dog. Experience a unique and relaxed way to work through your problems with our four-footed counsellors. It presents city, national, and international news and views through the lens of Pune. So from raising issues to highlightine the cool things to do, Pune Mirror offers a wide range of news about the city we love.

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The foreign directors are now venturing in the Indian market, but we lack technical support. Usage of this software can open large avenues for the industry,” he added. Dr Vijay is among the 31 software professionals from India to have qualified the first level of this course and on March 6, 2009 he became the only Indian to clear the second level of Final Cut Studio Master. Alongside impeccable skills are required to handle these high-end softwares. Animal Angels, in a unique application of AAI has partnered with two NGOs, Prerna and Connecting, to provide Animal Assisted Interventions to the care providers. Pet Partners, formerly the Delta Society, has partnered with fellow IAHAIO members to expand their Therapy Animal program internationally.

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Most of them are growing older and have a lot of behavioral issues. The Therapy dog team from Animal Angels Foundation is the most exciting thing for them. Therapy dog Moshe has proved to be great catalysts in bringing about various changes in them. Those who were anxious and hyperactive have learned to calm down with the help of the therapy dog. Many of them find it easier to express freely in the presence of the Therapy Dog.

The results showed that there was a https://1investing.in/ificant decrease in the anxiety levels of the pediatric patients which were given animal assisted interventions during their dental procedure than when they were not. Announcing the online orientation workshops on Animal Assisted Interventions. Here you will not just get to learn about all the basics of this field, but will also get to interact and talk to our therapists and meet our therapy dogs. Open for anyone interested in learning more about Animal Assisted Interventions/ Animal Assisted Therapy. You can be a student, a pet parent, a dog trainer or a practising professional. A 2-hour fun filled workshop was organised in which, participants could play, pool, fetch and long walks on a cool summer evening.

The child with cerebral palsy quickly bonded with Sunshine and learned to grasp a grooming brush, despite his motor issues. Therapy dog Sunshine is a second generation therapy dog, trained and raised by team Animal Angels. GVK CSIA is always making efforts to make their passengers experience at the airport seamless and comforting. Understanding that passengers bound for international travel experience anxiety, stress, loneliness sometimes coupled with exhaustion, insomnia or jet lag.

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Now, Mrs. Minal Kavishwar and her team at the Animal Angels Foundation have been selected by Dr. Chandler to be a part of a documentary film that she is making on five prominent people working in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy across the world. This is a great honor for the entire team and especially for Mrs. Kavishwar. With her visit to India, Dr. Candler and Minal Kavishwar would be collaborating further on creating training opportunities and providing global platform for people in India to learn Animal Assisted Therapy.

The Green Chimney hosts a Human-Animal-Interaction conference every year to facilitate the well-being of humans and animals in a programmatic context. Our team from Animal Angels was the only representative from India, along with 30 other representatives from all over the world. Attending such conferences and learning about new experiences is what makes us good and efficient with Animal Assisted Therapy. The study, conducted on a sample of 100 patients, from July to Sep 2017, show significant effect of having a therapy dog present during dental procedures on the anxiety level of pediatric patients. The study was conducted by Dr. Trushana Thakkar, a Post Graduate student of D Y Patil University , under the guidance of Dr. Shilpa Naik, along with our AAF team of Aakash Lonkar, Malvika Lobo, Therapy dog Pepe and Therapy dog Pearl.

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Then help us in our work and spread the love and healing effects of your pet. Our founder, Mrs. Minal Kavishwar, was presented with the ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence’ award, at the Women’s Economic Forum held at Vivanta, Dwarka, Delhi, by the All Ladies League. Paws to Play – Animal Assisted Activities based on play therapy principles.

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The pilot project which has been initiated by the three trained Golden Retrievers; Therapy dogs Pepe, Goldie and Sunshine, at the GVK Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport mean strict business when in contact with passengers. Dressed in jackets that say “Pet Me”, the squad approaches passengers to be petted and cuddled. It’s hard to think of an excuse to ignore this squad of four legged adorable bundle of joy. Was invited to present at TedX Raigad where he presented, probably the first ever talk on Human Animal relationship at a TedX platform in India.

Therapy dogs assisting Dentist to reduce anxiety – Latest research by Animal Angels Foundation

Currently Dr. Chandler offers a home study program under the University of North Texas in AAT in Counseling and Mrs. Kavishwar conducts her own course in basic and advanced training in Animal Assisted Therapy in India. Mrs. Kavishwar, as a part of her collaboration with Dr. Chandler also trains students in the practical implementation of AAT in the Indian setting and provides them internship opportunities with Animal Angels Foundation. Animal Angels has always strived to bring standardization and authenticity to this field in India and this is a huge step in that direction. Mrs Kavishwar is the first and only Pet Partner evaluators from the India-Asia region. We are Asia’s only organization to be IAHAIO members and an our mission is to ensure uniformity in practice in the field of AAI in India. We follow international standards of practice and have meticulously developed standards of practice for the human and animal teams according to the Indian setting.

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Animal Angels team in Bangalore conducted have been visiting Karunashraya, a palliative care center . The objective of the visits from the therapy dog is to reduce their distress and to improve their quality of life. When the therapy dog visits them, for that period of time, they forget their worries, their distress is reduced. Animal Angels presented a paper based on the findings of a study done at Karunashraya, where they measured the distress scores of the patients before and after the visit from a therapy dog. They also administered the Human Animal Interaction scale to determine the quality of interaction between the patients and the therapy dog. The results showed that patients who had higher scores on the HAIS also showed lower scores on the distress scale, indicating that meaningful interaction with the therapy dog helped in reducing the distress in palliative care patients.

We provide training and certification to organization, therapists, volunteers and animal – handler teams to ensure professionalism, safety and animal welfare in all visits. The team of Animal Angels, along with Caregivers Link conducted a session at Schizophrenia Awareness Association. Therapy dog Scotty was the star of the even and Scotty, not just brought smiles to the caregivers and care receivers but also helped them build a positive memories that they could harness during tough times.

This study was presented by the Animal Angels team of Elizabeth Varghese, Samratha Madappa and our Founder Minal Kavishwar, at the Indian Palliative Care Association’s national conference held at Guwahati in February 2020. This was the first time such a study on Animal Assisted Intervention for palliative care was presented at an Indian conference. Participants could read out their favourite stories to our four-legged friends. Starting from 22nd August, this event was conducted every friday evening at Pagdandi – Books Chai Cafe. The event was exceptionally well received with all the participants responding ecstatically.

Scientific studies show that petting a dog is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. Frazzled passengers dealing with delays, missed flights, and gate changes are given the opportunity to do just that when they encounter the “Comforting Angels” patrol. We at Animal Angels are happy announce our latest project with you. In a first-of-its-kind in Asia, GVK CSIA has initiated a pilot program called “Comforting Angels”, a pet therapy program in partnership with the Pune-based Animal Angels Therapy Centre at the iconic Terminal 2 in Mumbai. These wagging “Comforting Angels” are employed to soothe, comfort and de-stress passengers inside the departure terminal.

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Tucson – 1/14/2014.

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It is such a beautiful collaboration as it promotes an inclusive world. Animal Angels Therapy Center is a one of its kind facility in India, which provides training, consultancy and intervention programs in the area of human-animal interaction. It’s a proprietary set up by India’s pioneers in the field, Ms Minal Kavishwar and Mr Aakash Lonkar. Our focus has always been on bridging the gap between humans, animals and nature and bringing these three elements together through our programs. Therapy dog Sunshine, a one year old Golden Retriever and our youngest in-training therapy dog, conducted her first ever session with a special child at BalKalyan Sanstha,Pune.

Our therapy dogs along with our therapists worked closely with the special educator in addressing issues like hyperactivity, shyness, lack of stimulation, mobility and motor issues and need for expression in these children. Therapy dogs Goldie and Sunshine were instrumental in bringing about remarkable changes in these children in just a matter of weeks. Bombay Veterinary College Mumbai, hosted an event called Bravehearts, to felicitate and award prominent working dogs in Mumbai. Our team of therapy dogs Sunshine, Pepe, Coco and Goldie were felicitated by the BVC to honor the exemplary work that they do for the benefit of the society. It was a proud moment for our team and the pet parents to see our dogs being honoured.