When you apply the Reach Your Mountaintop process, you open yourself up to a whole new world – a world where the majority of people both want, and need, what you do. The solution is to Reach Your Mountaintop, as thoroughly discussed in my award-winning book of that exact title “Reach https://ecosoberhouse.com/ Your Mountaintop”. It touched a lot of lives and I’m honored by some of the feedback I got from others about it. There are so many people in this world living in prisons of fear and shame. I empathize with these prisons because I’ve been in them myself for most of my life.

Why sharing your story is powerful

Each story I read gave me pieces of what I needed. Some stories simply reminded me that I was not the only grieving mother on the planet. Other stories validated my feelings or normalized my thoughts and behaviors.

#2. We Empower Others to Share Their Story

Stories give us a common language and, through their symbolic dimension, can help people talk about meaning and purpose, in a way that is often hard to do in a corporate setting. Have you ever thought of sharing your life’s story? Whether that’s simply through a YouTube video, an Instagram or Facebook post or by writing a book. Well, I guess it did or it will from now on and this is the reason this article found you. You are here to understand how valuable your life story, your experiences are for the world. Equally as important as the words I have shared publicly are the words I kept private.

Rather, we get to the point of grief integration. We never get over it, but we do learn to live with the grief in a way that allows us to continue sharing your story in recovery living, not just surviving. Every single time you tell your story, whether it is coupled with sobs or smiles, you are reframing your experience.

How Storytelling Is Good for Your Mental Health

He starred at me, slowly reached for the crystal I was holding out and his eyes and his entire body language softened, and he asked me if he could hug me. He gave me a hug, thanked me for my words, for the crystal and told me that this was the kindest thing anyone gave and said to him in decades. He told me most people would rather be intimidated by him and wouldn’t treat him very kind.

How is telling your own story powerful?

A story, told well, has the power to connect readers to a shared experience and make people feel less alone in the world. A story, told well, has the power to build empathy and understanding and thereby make others want to do better and be better. This is the power of telling your own story.