In a triple net lease, your agreed-upon rental rate, or base rent, is essentially money in the landlord’s pocket. This money will be used to cover any debt on the property and is where a profit can be made. First, find the base rent by multiplying the rent per square foot with the total leased area.

Generally speaking, NNN leases tend to be more favorable for landlords since there’s less management hassle, and they don’t have to worry about managing additional expenses. It can be challenging to find tenants who are willing to sign a triple net lease and are capable of assuming ongoing expenses related to the property. You have free rein over the appearance and maintenance of the property you’re renting. This freedom allows you to customize the unit according to your business needs and brand style. As with most opportunities, there are pros and cons to being the lessor or lessee of triple net leased properties. Though it can be a smart way to rent office space, triple-net leases can be expensive.

double net leases

A double net lease makes the tenant responsible for both property taxes and insurance premiums due. Here, the landlord transfers a minimal amount of risk to the tenant, who pays just the property taxes. Landlords receive monthly rent payments from the tenants, while the real estate appreciates and provides the investor protection against inflation, typically through pre-negotiated rent bumps. Fortunately, unless the lease is Absolute Net, which we’ll cover under different types of net lease structures, the tenant is only responsible for paying for and not actually performing the maintenance of the property.

Landlords are protected if operating costs increase, as those costs are passed directly on to the tenants who benefit from the site’s use. Additionally, tenants can audit maintenance expenses to ensure that common areas are properly maintained and do not exceed the budget. Because bondable lease investments offer such low risk, higher investment rates can indicate a recovery in not only the bond market, but also in the overall real estate market. Note, in a triple net lease, free rent typically only applies to base rent, and the tenant is still responsible for operating expenses during this time. From a tenant’s perspective, the advantage of a triple net lease is that if the landlord overestimates the op/ex, you’re not obligated to pay that rate.

Net lease

Generally, an NNN Lease is called a triple net lease and is a popular structure for commercial real estate. If you own a commercial property, it’s crucial to understand the different net leases out there to determine which commercial lease is right for you. Because tenants in a triple net lease are responsible for paying property taxes, they may be able to build these expenses into their business expenses and achieve some tax benefits for their business. A triple net lease can provide a consistent source of income for an investor. This type of lease is structured to include a consistent amount of rent each month over an extended period of time.

The Signature Parties of this agreement must present it to the Notary Public who has observed this signing. This party will use his or her credentials to verify that each of the Signers above was indeed present to sign this document in the Notary’s office. This will involve the documentation of the concerned date, location, and parties in attendance through Notary’s signature and stamp. A standard notarization form has been included at the end of this paperwork for the use of the Notary.

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The lessee is responsible for this rent payment for the duration of their tenancy. The idea behind this lease option is that, rather than the renter paying for costs such as taxes and insurance directly, the flat fee will pay all of the owner’s operating costs and any profit on top. Landlords and tenants alike can offset a commercial retail, manufacturing, or office space lease cost.

Triple Net Lease Pros and Cons

By passing the operating expenses directly to tenants, property investors avoid the risk of having expenses escalate while rent remains stable. If you’re a tenant looking to lease commercial real estate — such as office, industrial, retail or restaurant space — you may notice landlords offering space for lease on a triple net basis. Triple net leases provide tenants with enhanced transparency and control over expenditures. A full-service lease, or a gross lease, is a lease where the lessee is responsible for paying the base rent.

This number is then divided by the total square footage of the building and given to the tenants on a per square foot basis. A double net lease requires the lessee to pay for rent, utilities, property taxes, and insurance (represented by “NN”). In this type of net lease, however, the lessor pays for the building’s maintenance expenses. This results in lower base rent because the tenant is paying more of the expenses. When evaluating options for commercial property leases, both landlords and tenants should compare the different types of leases available, keeping in mind all expenses and not just focusing on base rental rates.

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn what a triple net lease is, how it works, and what it includes/doesn’t include. A modified gross lease is a combination of a gross and net lease wherein the operating expenses are both the landlord and tenant’s responsibility. For example, if the yearly rent is $10,000 and they estimate the additional costs to be $3,000, the effective rent they charge the tenant is $13,000 annually. While traditional leases are more common than net leases, they present more risk to the landlord, who must absorb any unexpected increases in the extra expenses. This is why some landlords prefer using a type of net lease, shifting some or all of this risk to the tenant.

What Is Lease Management / Lease Administration?

Many triple net lease tenant triple net lease deals involve publicly traded companies such as Starbucks, Walgreens, or Arby’s. In this case, it’s easy to pull up credit ratingson the company’s bond issues and to also read stock analyst reports. For example, it’s rare for an NNN lease to cover the accounting costs charged by the landlord’s CPA or legal costs charged by the landlord’s attorneys when drafting or reviewing documents. While these costs are usually small relative to the purchase price of a property, they are nonetheless not typically covered in a standard “NNN lease”. When most people discuss a triple net or NNN lease, they are usually thinking about an absolute net lease. However, just because a lease is called or labelled an NNN lease, does not mean it’s actually an absolute net lease.

Finally, in triple net leases, the tenant pays all the three “nets,” i.e., property taxes, insurance and CAMS, on top of the base rent. Double net leases, which are also called net-net leases or “NN” leases, are especially popular in commercial real estate. In a lease like this, the tenant pays property taxes and insurance premiums in addition to the rent. The base rent— payable for the space itself—is generally lower because of the additional expenses the tenant must bear. All maintenance costs, on the other hand, remain the responsibility of the landlord, who pays for them directly. There are various ways that the amount of a triple net lease can be calculated.

Net Lease Definition and Types—Single, Double, Triple

If the rent per square foot value is given in monthly figures, multiply it by 12 to convert it into a yearly figure. One crucial component to focus on when analyzing your triple net lease investment property is to understand the credit risk of the tenant. Triple net leases are only as strong as the tenant, so it’s best to analyze financial statements on the other side of an NNN lease.

Under triple net leases, the tenant pays for the property’s taxes, insurance, and maintenance in addition to the rental rate. It is also referred to as NNN lease , emphasizing the payment of three operating expenses. Therefore, the amount of rent is kept lower than gross lease agreements. In regular lease agreements, the owners take care of property tax, insurance, and maintenance costs. A single net lease requires the tenant to pay only the property taxes in addition to rent. With a double net lease, the tenant pays rent plus the property taxes as well as insurance premiums.

Understanding the terms of a NNN building lease agreementensures that you’re aware of your responsibilities. NNN leases simplify the rental process since all the ongoing expenses — including real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance costs — are passed on to the tenant. And since you don’t have to be actively involved in managing the property, this type of lease agreement offers a fantastic form of passive income. Overall, this is considered to be a turnkey investment because the landlord isn’t responsible for the property taxes, insurance, or operating expenses. That said, you must realize that there are various commercial real estate leases out there, including the single net lease. A triple net lease, also known as an NNN lease, is a common lease agreement in the commercial real estate industry.

The latter pays off maintenance charges, real estate insurance, and property taxes—in addition to rent. In a gross lease, tenants pay a single fixed payment to the landlord . The landlord bears all other costs—property tax, insurance, maintenance, and other ancillary expenses. Overall, you must focus on how much the base rental is, which is often figured based on the square foot amounts. Then, you need to look at your capital expenditures, which include taxes, insurance, maintenance, and all the rest.

At the end of the year, if the triple net expenses were lower than expected the tenant will be reimbursed. If more than the triple-net rate, the tenant will be billed the extra costs. Even though the tenant pays for the triple-nets through their monthly rent, the landlord will be the one actually making the payments.

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A landlord may up the rent because of legal increases permitted by local governments. But the rent may also increase because of property tax reassessments or increases in insurance premiums. A triple net lease can be a good option since this type of lease offer both landlords and tenants several advantages and can benefit both parties. While landlords can hand off paying various property expenses, enjoy a stable source of income, and are able to focus on their own business, tenants, on the other hand, can receive a lower monthly rent.

When searching for your office, retail, or industrial space, you’ll encounter many different commercial real estate terms that you may not be familiar with. Next, add up base rent, maintenance charges, property tax, and insurance. In order to participate in the NNN lease, small investors are required to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts that include similar properties in the portfolios. The tenant takes on more risk, so they can get a favorable base rental price. For example, it’s quite rare for the NNN lease to cover accounting costs charged by a landlord’s CPA or any legal fees. While they are small in comparison to the purchase price, they aren’t part of the monthly cost a tenant must pay in the NNN lease.

Knowing what the expenses have been at the property will enable you to budget for utilities, insurance, common areas, etc. Be sure to ask about any upcoming, non-capital expenditures the landlord is planning to make. Capital expenses are the responsibility of the landlord and cannot be passed through to tenants. However, additional costs for maintenance items, such as deep cleaning of common areas or resurfacing of parking lots, could be passed through. Typically, the buildings in which landlords use triple net leases are “equity investments”, rather than “cash flow investments”.

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From there, you can determine if the lease amount is fair and a good investment strategy for you. Triple net leases offer both investors and tenants some unique benefits. However, there are some limitations to this type of commercial lease that both parties should consider before entering into a long-term triple net lease agreement. Although by-and-large, tenants in a triple net lease accept more financial responsibility than in other types of leases, they can also be advantageous for tenants in many ways. To preempt this from happening, many landlords prefer to use a bondable net lease. This is one kind of triple net lease that cannot be terminated before its expiration date.